September Chapter Meeting

September 17, 2020
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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This presentation briefly describes the history of Germicidal UV-C technology and its ability to inactivate all known microorganisms including viruses, mold, bacteria—even drug-resistant superbugs, while reducing HVAC energy use by up to 25%.

We will explore the three primary applications of UV-C for air and HVAC surface protection: 1) HVAC coil/surface irradiation to boost coil-heat-transfer efficiency, 2) HVAC airstream disinfection to kill airborne pathogens and 3) Upper-Room/Air treatment for infectious diseases. It will also examine the operating conditions that increase or decrease the required minimum UV-C energy in a specific application such as UV-C fixture placement, air temperature, air velocity and AHU material reflectivity. Case studies will be presented along with the simple methods used to validate increased HVAC and IAQ performance. Additionally, current application standards and guidelines within ASHRAE, IUVA, IES, UL and ISO will be discussed.



Dean Saputa has served the HVAC community for more than three decades, helping to educate and train facility managers, specifying engineers and industry professionals with an emphasis on air and surface treatment and cleaning technologies. The vice president and co-founder of UV Resources, Mr. Saputa is an active member on several ASHRAE Technical Committees including serving as a past Chair of TC-2.9 (Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment); Chair of SPC-185 (Method of Testing Ultraviolet Lamps), Founding Member and current Secretary of GPC-37, Guidelines for the Application of Upper-Air Ultraviolet Germicidal Devices to Control the Transmission of Airborne Pathogens. He is a contributing author of both the 2019 ASHRAE Application Handbook, chapter 62: “Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment,” and the 2020 ASHRAE HVAC Systems and Equipment Handbook; chapter 17; “Ultraviolet Lamp Systems” as well as ASHRAE’s position document: “Filtration and Air Cleaning” that was reaffirmed in 2018. He is currently serving as a member of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force committee on Filtration, Air and Surface Disinfection.


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